One half day program for two people                     300.00

      Includes Certificates and all the photos you can take. A professional photographer can be arranged,please call in advance.  Add up to two more divers for 100.00 each.


  • Certified diver
  • Able to handle about 150 lbs of gear  
  • 16 years of age
  • Standard SCUBA medical Questionaire                  

Cert Card From MDEA for "Heavy Dress Mark V Diver " for                                                               75.00ea.

DVD with U.S. NAVY trainning films from 1943        20.00

Vintage Diving Supervisor Training                                      Call for price

This program will allow an insured SCUBA instructor to conduct vintage diving experiences for other certified divers. Two or three days of planning and practical work. We will teach using your equipment or ours,our location or yours.With the acceptance of this speciality outline your SCUBA insurance will cover your program. You will be certifier to supervise air diver on vintage equipment to 30ft. as an experience only.


These programs have the same insurance as any SCUBA program in the USA.